Electromagnetism: a new perspective Einstein would have like.

Einstein was often quoted as saying “If a new theory was not based on a physical image simple enough for a child to understand, it was probably worthless.” For example in his General Theory of Relativity he derived the causality of gravity in terms of a curvature in the geometry of space and time. One … Read more

Time travel: is it possible?

Is time travel possible? The laws of physics in the microscopic world suggest that it is because the physical processes they define at the subatomic level appear to be either entirely or mostly time symmetric.  In other words the theoretical statements that describe them remain true if the direction of time is reversed.  However, the … Read more

How and why space and time interact.

Understanding the connection between space and time is difficult because we cannot see time or space even though we can perceive the void in space when it contains nothing Additionally defining or describing what time is extremely difficult. Some define it only in the abstract saying that is an invention of the human consciousness that … Read more

The physical meaning of Schrödinger wave equation

Quantum mechanics defines our observable environment only in terms of the probabilistic values associated with Schrödinger’s wave equation. However it is extremely difficult to define a set of statements which explains how those probabilities are physically connected to it even though it has held up to rigorous and thorough experimental testing. This may be the … Read more

The quantum fallacy

Is it fact or fallacy that the quantum mechanical probabilities of the micro cosmos are incompatible with the determinism of the macro cosmos. Most scientist would agree the best way of accomplishing this would be to determine if one can be explained in terms of the other. For example can one explain why many proponents … Read more