What is space?

We have and will show throughout this blog and its companion book “The Reality of the Fourth *Spatial* Dimension” observations of our environment suggest that space is composed of a continuous non-quantized field of energy/mass. One of them is that it would give us a definition of what space is that is more consistent with … Read more

What is mass?

We have shown throughout this blog that there would be several theoretical advantages to defining the universe in terms of four *spatial* dimensions instead of four-dimensional space-time. One is that it would allow physicists to derive a particles mass by extrapolating the laws of a three-dimensional environment to a fourth *spatial* dimension. For the past 25 … Read more

A Theory of Everything

Together Quantum and Einstein’s theories have been two of the most successful theories in history of science.  Their validity is based on their predictive powers.  Einstein’s theories define the macroscopic universe of gravity in terms of the existence of a continuous space-time metric while quantum theories define the microscopic universe of energy/mass in terms of … Read more