Deriving both the particle and wave properties of electromagnetic energy in terms of space-time

Einstein’s Explanation of the Unexplainable In his formulation of electromagnetism Maxwell described light as a propagating electromagnetic wave created by the interaction of its electric and magnetic fields. However, in Quantum mechanics electric and magnetic fields are NOT propagated by a wave but the particle called a photon. Therefore, to fully define their observable properties … Read more

Why the future is what it is

Einstein’s Explanation of the Unexplainable Classical physics is causal; a complete knowledge of the past allows for the precise prediction of the future. Likewise, complete knowledge of the future allows for the prediction of the past. Not so in Quantum mechanics because the probabilistic interpretation of the wavefunction tells all of the possible futures simultaneously … Read more

Everything should be made as simple as possible

Einstein’s Explanation of the Unexplainable But not simpler.  One of the difficulties in merging quantum mechanics with Einstein’s Relativistic Theories is its predictive powers are based on the assumption the physical evolution of space and time determines the future while quantum mechanics defines it only in terms the evolution of the mathematical properties of the … Read more

The spatial orientation of gravity and electromagnetism

What makes gravitational force different from those of electromagnetism is that gravity acts along the perpendicular axis of space-time while electromagnetic forces acts in the two-dimensional plane that is perpendicular to gravity.  This is the reason why gravity only acts in one direction attractive while that of electromagnetic can act in two directions, attractive and … Read more

The particle wave dichotomy of Quantum Gravity

As was mentioned in the Scientific American article “Is Gravity Quantum?“ “All the fundamental forces of the universe are known to follow the laws of quantum mechanics, save one: gravity. However, finding a way to fit gravity into quantum mechanics would bring scientists a giant leap closer to a “theory of everything” that could entirely … Read more