Why a photon is what it is.

Einstein’s Explanation of the Unexplainable Einstein tells us particles with mass cannot move faster than the speed of light while Quantum Mechanics tells us that all energy including electromagnetic MUST be quantized and therefore it assumes it is propagated by a particle called a photon. However, because observations of particles in particle accelerators APPEARS to … Read more

A classical reason why electrons do not fall into the nucleus of an atom

Einstein’s Explanation of the Unexplainable Quantum mechanics assumes the quantization of energy is what prevents electrons from falling into the nucleus of atoms.   However, Classical Wave Mechanics provides another explanation base the observation that a system which is oscillating at its natural resonant frequency is one the most efficient ways to store and transfer energy … Read more

Entanglement can determine if QM or Relativity rule the universe

Please click here for a brief summary of the ideas presented in this blog. Presently, there is disconnect between our understanding of one of the most mysterious facets of quantum mechanics, that of quantum entanglement and the classical one of separation. Entanglement occurs when two particles are linked together no matter their separation from one … Read more