Defining antimatter in terms of the field properties of space-time

Please click here for a brief summary of the ideas presented in this blog. Antimatter is a material composed of antiparticles and every particle we know of has an antimatter companion that is virtually identical to itself with opposite electric charge. Physics predicts that matter and antimatter must be created in almost equal quantities, and that … Read more

Why a photon is what it is.

Please click here for a brief summary of the ideas presented in this blog. Einstein tells us particles with mass cannot move faster than the speed of light while Quantum Mechanics tells us that all energy including electromagnetic MUST be quantized and therefore it assumes it is propagated by a particle called a photon. However, … Read more

Particles as standing waves in space-time

It is possible, as this article will show that a standing wave in space-time is responsible for a photon. A standing waves are created within a medium when the vibration frequency of the source causes reflected waves from one end of the medium to interfere with incident waves from the source. This interference occurs in … Read more

Einstein questions the existence of a quantum singularity

 A Quantum Singularity is a misnomer because it owes it existence to classical one created by a black hole not to its quantum mechanical properties.  Even so many physicists assume it is the key to unifying Quantum mechanics with Einstein’s General and Special Theories of Relativity because they believe the gravitational collapse of matter in … Read more

Planck’s Constant as a function of space-time

In the late 1800’s, physics was facing a crisis. Physicists were trying to model the energy of an atomic orbital.  All the physics they knew at that point said it should look a certain way, but reality looked completely different and no one knew why.  The solution was found by Max Planck.  Previously physicists had … Read more