What supports the geometry of space-time?

Einstein’s Explanation of the Unexplainable When Einstein defined the equivalence between mass and energy, he also defined what “support the geometry of space… In his General Theory of Relativity, he defined the force of gravity in terms of the energy density of space. This implies the mass and energy associated with it supports the geometric … Read more

The laws of physics do NOT break down in a black hole.

Einstein’s Explanation of the Unexplainable The existence of a singularity at the center of a black hole is often taken as proof that the Theory of General Relativity has broken down, which is perhaps not unexpected as it occurs in conditions where quantum effects should become important. However, as is shown below The General Theory … Read more

Why the arrow of time is irreversible.

Einstein’s Explanation of the Unexplainable According to some physicists we live in a universe made up of fixed blocks of space-time while defining the change brought on by time in terms of our movement through each successive block. However, it is also possible it is not the result of us moving THROUGH but IN them. … Read more

Solving the cosmologic constant problem in terms of the dynamics of space time.

Einstein’s Explanation of the Unexplainable The cosmological constant problem or vacuum catastrophe is the disagreement between the observed value of the vacuum energy density or the small value of the cosmological constant and the theoretical large value of zero-point energy suggested by quantum field theory. Depending on the Planck energy cutoff and other factors, the discrepancy is as high as 120 orders of magnitude. In quantum physics, the … Read more