Entanglement CAN determine if QM or Relativity rules the universe.

Please click here for a brief summary of the ideas presented in this blog.   (Please visit https://theimagineershome.com/face_book_posings.htm if you are interested reviewing 40 other postings on related subjects.) Presently, there is disconnect between our understanding of one of the most mysterious facets of quantum mechanics, that of quantum entanglement and the classical one of … Read more

Quantum entanglement as property of Relativity.

Quantum entanglement is the name given to quantum mechanical assumption that all particles remain connected so that actions performed on one affect the other, even when separated by great distances. The rules of quantum physics state that an unobserved photon exists in all possible states simultaneously but, when observed or measured, exhibits only one state. … Read more

Antigravity propulsion; a real possibility.

Einstein provided a theatrical basis for an antigravity propulsion system when he used the constant velocity of light to mathematically define gravity in our universe. The standard interpretation of his mathematics suggests that gravity is cause by a displacement in a three-dimensional space manifold with respect to time. However an equally valid one defines gravity … Read more

What antimatter can tell us about the geometry of our world?

In 1928 Paul Dirac developed through complex mathematical calculations a theory that integrated quantum mechanics, used to describe the subatomic world, with Einstein’s Special Relativity, which says nothing travels faster than light. However, he soon realized his equations not only worked for an electron with negative charge.  It also worked for a particle that behaves … Read more

Space-time or four *spatial* dimensions?

There are many theories that attempt to explain what we observed in our three dimensional environment in terms of higher dimensions.  However they all suffer from the same problem in that the existence of those higher dimensions are primarily based on abstract on mathematical models.  The reason is because we as three dimensional beings are … Read more