The Double Slit Experiment in Space-time.

Richard Feynman the father of Quantum Electrodynamics or “OED” realized the significance of Thompson’s double slit experiment because he felt carefully thinking through its implications would allow one to get complete understanding of the wave particle duality of existence predicted by Quantum Mechanics. However, one can understand it in terms of the classical properties of … Read more

Einstein on the internal structure of  protons and neutrons

Einstein’s Explanation of the Unexplainable Einstein define a way to determine the energy associated with geometry of space that may be responsible for the internal structure of the protons and neutrons which can quantified For example, he quantified how the relative motion of an object causes a change the orientation of the dimensional axis to … Read more

Article 45 Defining Maxwells Equation in terms of the physical properties of space time

Einstein’s Explanation of the Unexplainable In Maxwell’s mathematical formulation of electromagnetism, he defined light as a propagating electromagnetic wave created by the interaction of its electric and magnetic fields While Einstein in his General Theory of Relativity defined the forces associated with gravity in terms of a geometric curvature or spatial displacement in space-time caused … Read more

A background independent quantum gravity in terms of Relativity.

Einstein’s Explanation of the Unexplainable Background independence is a condition in theoretical physics that requires the defining equations of a theory to be independent of the actual shape of spacetime and the value of various fields within it. In particular this means that it must be possible not to refer to a specific coordinate system—the … Read more