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Imagineering: The art or science of using imagination to intuitively make practical applications from knowledge. 

International Space Station

Imagination and intuition are the foundations of all improvements and advancements made by humankind.

If someone had not imagined it was possible for man to fly, no one would have attempted to.  If no one had intuitively reasoned a propeller shaped like an airfoil could be used to power aircraft, no one would have attempted it.

Imagination or intuition is the basis for all advancements and new designs.  The design of all prototypes is based solely on intuition.  The designer intuitively reasons or imagines a design that results in a working prototype.  Only after testing does that design cease to be intuitive or imaginative, instead becoming scientific fact.  Until then it only existed in the designer's mind or imagination.  

Imagination is the process by which the human intellect travels beyond the limitations of his or her senses; it opens doors to an abstract world that is governed by the same rules as the physical world. 

The science of Imagineering is based on intuitively applying the laws of the physical world to an abstract imaginary world in an orderly and consistent manner to make predictions.  These processes give scientific credibility to imagination and intuitive reasoning.  

This site is devoted to demonstrating the power and potential human imagination and intuition has for scientific investigation.

Many engineers or scientists may not realize how important their imagination and intuition is to the scientific process.  Many may view imagination and intuitive reasoning as something to avoid; it seems unscientific and cannot be verified by fact or numbers.  

The Pyramids of GizaHowever, all of the great wonders of the world started in the minds, imagination and intuition of their designers.  The great pyramids of Giza began in the imagination of those who visualized enlarging on their previous idea and intuitively knew that they would form a stable structure.

The Imagineer's Chronicles is devoted to the significance imagination and intuitive reasoning have in science.  As the pyramids of Giza were constructed out of imagination and intuition of many, this site will be constructed out of the imagination and intuition of many. Scientific essays or quotes, which directly relate to the value of intuition and imagination to the scientific process, can be loaded by the readers directly to that site. 

Imaginations Illuminate Realty

 "I am enough of an artist to draw freely on my imagination. Imagination is 
more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination circles the world."


 "Intuitive thinkers have made many of the breakthroughs in science."
Louis de Broglie

  "The universe's most powerful enabling tool is not
 knowledge or understanding but imagination
 because it extends the
reality of
 one's environment

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